Il Marchio Cannella


The brand was born from the long experience of the Grimaldi Spa Organization, gained over the years thanks to a great passion for Italian fashion. Created in 1991, the CANNELLA brand is aimed at a sober and elegant woman who wants to dress with style. CANNELLA is a nationally recognized and affirmed brand, a consolidated and strong reality that also faces the international market with great success thanks to a product entirely made in Italy, positioned in a medium-high market segment, with a high quality standard and competitive prices. The range of products is completed by a new line of accessories Le Bags of CINNAMON and a collection dedicated and designed for the plus size C of CINNAMON.



The CANNELLA clothing line is designed for the modern woman who follows fashion trends and at the same time is attentive to her needs for elegance and, above all, practicality. Thanks to a wide and differentiated range of products, CANNELLA garments are ideal for every moment of the day, from the most formal to the most casual, up to the ceremony with sober and elegant proposals. In the fabrics used for its collections, the brand favors natural fibers and high quality materials, which give the garments a unique and refined image. Only in this way are we sure that we can offer a high quality product, always in line with fashion trends.



The style and refinement of the made in Italy tradition CANNELLA, fabrics that give an excellent fit for all sizes and shapes. Proof of the great attention paid to researching the latest trends and the most